Company Profile

Wu International Investments Pty Ltd, with its main office opening in Sydney, is found in 2009. Its business focuses on international trading and investing in Asian-pacific area, especially between China and Australia. Developing real estate is currently a major undertaking for our company.

Wu International Investments Pty Ltd. is aiming at developing medium-high-end commercial and residential properties. Our company reserves lands and possess properties around Sydney’s CBD.

The Chatswood Project of Wu International, being located in center of Northern Sydney CBD, occupies an advantageous location and has a remarkable developing potential.

Being a multi-cultural company, Wu International possess a team consist of employees from different culture and language background. Based on a human-centered and mutual benefit value, Wu International endeavors to create a corporate culture that encourages both competiveness and fairness. Wu international believes in its open attitude to multi-culture and human-centered value will place itself in a better position in this era of globalization.

Wu International possess a high caliber management team, promotes human-centered team spirit and friendly cooperation attitude. Wu International Investments Pty Ltd. welcomes all investment opportunity from all institutions and individuals, and endeavors to contribute to development of the society.